64-bit version

32-bit version


Latest installer

Latest stable 6.7 release (for use with XperiDo 3.4)

You can download the latest stable release (6.7.54) of the XperiDo template design add-in for Microsoft Word here:

You can change the scope of the installation under advanced:

Older installers

Only use these installers if your XperiDo server is not on the latest version. If you are unsure about which version to use, we suggest you download the user installer:

Installer versionDownload link
User installer (6.6.105)Invenso.XperiDo.Setup(6.6.105).exe
Machine installer (6.6.105)Invenso.XperiDo.Machine.Setup(6.6.105).exe
User installer (6.5.33)Invenso.XperiDo.Setup(6.5.33).exe
Machine installer (6.5.33)Invenso.XperiDo.Machine.Setup(6.5.33).exe

The difference between the user and machine installer is explained here.

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